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medium-hard pvm serverfiles

systems Details 1:Wings System 2:Smoke System(Effecte) 3:System Costume Mount like horse. 3.1:Mount scale 4:Biologist System 5:Crafting/Cube/Refining (Renewal) System. 6:Quest Category (Renewal). 7:Render Target System 8:Buy With Items system 9:Hide System 9.1:Hide extended system (This system will give you the ability to see what items the player you are going into battle with is hiding) 10:Reborn System 11:Buff Item System ( 12:Hide Effects System (Hide unwanted or lag effects) 13:Equipment View System(+Option/Block Button) -Offers the ability to view a player's equipment. 14: Professional Titles System. 15:Extra Refine System (A new item upgrade system)(In the V2.0.4 update of the serverfiles the function checkbox in this system 16: Dungeon List + Timer System (It will show you the available dungeons, requirements, and teleport you to the guard npc) 17:Wheel of Fortune 18:Official Bonus System (Shows you the bo

Ára: 3000 Kredit (Vásárláshoz jelentkezz be elsőnek)